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“Excellent combination of chiropractic care and natural healing, one of a kind..”  ~ J.M.

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Dr. B and Bonnie B

“Brent is the most informed and concerned Chiropractor that I have used in the sixteen years that I have lived and worked in the Harrisburg area.” ~ C.K.

“People have noticed my improved posture.” ~ J.O.

“He has helped me to get my blood pressure to a normal range and able to keep it there for several months (even through the stress of the holidays).” ~B.D.

“I didn’t even mention the ache that had become a normal part of my life… He found it intuitively.” ~C.P.

“I’ve also noticed that my “monthly” symptoms have disappeared.” ~ E.H.

“His positive energy and upbeat view of life leaves one refreshed both physically and psychologically after each session. I would highly recommend Brent to anyone looking for a physician who is sincerely committed to a person’s complete well-being.” ~ T.H.

“Thanks to your vast skills my body and mind have improved drastically!” ~ J.H.

“He really does have a love for helping people. Not only that, but he is a darn good chiropractor too!” ~M.W.

This is the easiest testimonial I have ever had to write. I was impressed with him the minute I met him. We are working on that and I have all the faith in the world that he is helping me, not only with my voice but so much more. He has helped me to get my blood pressure to a normal range and able to keep it there for several months (even through the stress of the holidays). Because I had 3 strokes I have a balance problem and he is helping me to get back on track with that so that I am able to exercise more and be more confident in walking. If you ever had a doubt that someone such as Dr. Binder could help you please erase that doubt and have a free consultation with him.

You, too, will find a world of difference in your living and thinking. BB

As a retail manager, I am constantly surrounded by sick employees and customers. In the winter months, just about every variation of virus and infection come through the doors. In the past, I would succumb at one time or another, but since seeing Dr. B on a regular basis, I haven’t been sick in 2 years! Aside from a stronger immune system, I’ve also noticed that my “monthly” symptoms have disappeared. EH

When I was nineteen years old, I pulled my rib out of my spine. It essentially paralyzed my right arm for ten days, and it was a chiropractor then who miraculously popped everything back into place and gave me full mobility again. Though my arm worked properly after that, there always seemed a nagging pain in that area of my back, and though I had seen other chiropractors, I could never get adjusted in a way that would relieve that perpetual knotted ache. Ten years later, during my first appoint with Dr. Binder, I didn’t even mention the ache—it had just become a part of my life. So it was a surprise when he found it intuitively. He used a chiropractic technique I had not encounter with any other doctor. He had me sit up and then lie back down onto his closed hand. It adjusted the area again and finally released the knot—a feeling of wellness swept over me that was incredible and amazing!

I walked out of the office feeling good and tall in a way I didn’t even know was possible.” CP

My husband Ron and I have both recently started going to Dr. Binder for chiropractic care. We are not new to chiropractors but Dr. B has brought us to a whole new level of chiropractic care that we never knew about. We both have felt the pain reducing in our bodies. I have neck problems from injuries and fybromialgia and Dr. B, through therapy, has helped strengthen my neck and I notice a big difference. Also the therapy within 2 weeks has drastically improved my ability to balance on one foot, either side, for longer periods of time. When I started therapy I couldn’t stand on one foot for any real length of time and my right side was noticeably weaker.

Now I can balance and feel my inner core was strengthened and all in under 2 weeks! Amazing! Thanks again, Dr. B!! ~LH

Dr. B was the first chiropracter who adjusted me on a regular basis. Not only did he physically take care of me, but he gave me the tools and the exercises to take better care of myself. I used to be very nervous about others manipulating my neck, but Dr. B is very understanding, caring and patient. He has a very light and effective touch that can ease even the most neurotic! Thanks Dr. B for your constant hard work, dedication, and love for the profession! SW

“I met Dr. B through friends just after he graduated and was in the process of setting up his practice. I was immediately so impressed with this young man, just starting in his profession, with a novel approach…lifestyle wellness solutions. And these are not just fancy words…they represent his true and profound belief in the totality of the lifestyle wellness concept. He never pushes, never preaches, never admonishes, yet somehow leads you unknowingly yet willingly to the understanding and appreciation of the complete wellness concept.”

And it is not just part of his practice…he actually practices what he preaches, reaching out to individuals, groups and those in need, and volunteering, sharing and spreading his message to help improve the lives of those around him in whatever way he can.

“OK, so you can’t miraculously change everything at once, but once you set off on the path to lifestyle wellness, even the little steps do improve your life, the results are real, and the journey is good. I highly recommend taking advantage of his free initial consultation — if for no other reason than to meet Dr. B and discover the essence of commitment to do well for others.” ME

To whom this may concern and I’m quite sure this concerns just about everyone –

You now have an option, unlike many during this lifetime, to put yourself in the hands of Dr. Binder, whose philosophy, in my interpretation, is all encompassing. He carries the knowlegde/ability and intuition to consider the whole person in his treatment, not just the spine. We are all a work in progress from beginning to end and the quality of life we experience in between is by in large up to us. The choices we make effect everything and everyone around us so if you had the option to work on a treatment that had the potential to give you the tools to live in a healthier way, wouldn’t you at least consider that choice? For me, there was no other option, I’ve had experiences with other Doctors and I don’t have anything negative to say about them but I will mention they did not offer the same tools. As with anything in life you only get out of it what you put into it and with that in mind – I will continue down this path and would highly recommend everyone consider doing the same!” LK

“Hey Dr. Binder, just want to say thanks a lot for letting me be your patient for the last 2 years. Since I am a UPS driver, I’ve had back problems for a couple of years now. But thanks to your vast skills my body and mind have improved drastically! The professionalism you demonstrated was very much appreciated and as a client I will spread the good word about Binder Family Chiropractic Lifestyle Wellness Soloutions! Thanks doc see at my next appointment!” JH

“It was funny because I came in to see Dr. B for my migraines but after 2 weeks I noticed I had less anxiety at work too. I know that since I wasn’t having headaches I could “relax” a little more. But Dr. B also reccomended a few exercises and proper breathing techniques to help me fall asleep better too. I was even motivated to change a few small things in my diet that helped even more. Thanks Dr. B” JP

“I met Dr. B on a whim. I was shopping in the Healthy Grocer located in Camp HIll. As I was checking out, I saw coupons for a free chiropractic consultation. I thought to myself “why not?” I always did want to go see a chiropractor for my low back, neck, and hip pain.

As soon as we got into the nuts and bolts of the rehabilitation, I was so impressed with his zest for life and wellness.

Thank you Dr. B!” VA

“After receiving my second adjustment earlier today I sat to write what will hopefully be next months addition to Dr. Binder’s newsletter. I will add here this is unsolicited and heartfelt. I have been a headache sufferer for 27 years and have sought lots of treatments. When I explained to Dr. Binder that I didn’t stick with chiropractic care 20 years ago I easily voiced the fact that the Dr. at the time seemed uncommitted. Now, I would not have known that or had the safe place to say it had I not had Dr. Binder as a comparison. He and I have actually discussed that one can not know joy if one has not experienced sorrow , or know good if one doesn’t know evil, the contrast of opposites. In both chiropractic care and massage work the whole person is treated, that is, the physical, the emotional, the spiritual. The patient is fully cared for and the Doctor or Massage Therapist becomes invested in the outcome of their patients. I have to add here the patient most also be fully invested in themselves when they seek out help otherwise they will not improve. So, even when the economy is “down” and there are fears of recession be invested in your health and well being even more so to be able to remain strong. Continue to eat right, exercise, rest and see your health care professionals, a house will not topple if is strong, well built AND well maintained.”
Be well, Kristen Martin of Massage Therapy Associates

“Brent is much more than an excellent chiropractor. He truly engages himself with the whole person and treats not only the aches and pains of the body, but is responsive to the mental, emotional and spiritual needs of his patients. His positive energy and upbeat view of life leaves one refreshed both physically and psychologically after each session. I would highly recommend Brent to anyone looking for a doctor who is sincerely committed to a person’s complete well-being.” October 22, 2009

“Playing piano has been a part of my life since age six. As a music teacher and parent, time allocated for practicing piano technique is limited. I began to notice that the ability to perform certain technical passages had become difficult. I thought I needed to dedicate more time for practicing to ensure speed and accuracy. After experiencing severe back pain I began chiropractic treatments with Dr. Binder. I quickly realized that my piano technique also improved after the spinal manipulations. Difficult passages were now played with greater ease and accuracy. I give this credit to the chiropractic visits with much appreciation to Dr. Binder.” Marianne Otteson

“Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert”~ EO

“Dr. Binder not only does amazing chiropractic work, but also ensures that his clients have a clear understanding of its basis and intent. Many people believe that chiropractic care is solely meant to treat injury, but in reality, it is a wonderful tool that is meant as a proactive and preventative health measure. A happy spine is a happy, healthy body, and no one knows this better than Dr. Binder. I always feel 100% better after my routine adjustments. In fact, I have found that my routine adjustments help to improve my physical abilities when exercising and participating in recreational activities such as biking, snow/water sports and running. I highly recommend Dr. Binder to anyone.” AO

“I worked briefly with Brent before coming to Pitney. Watch him closely, I expect great things from him. He has the knowledge, enthusiasm and drive to do it all.” DM

“Brent is the most informed and concerned Chiropractor that I have used in the sixteen years that I have lived and worked in the Harrisburg area. He listens to my needs and reacts in a very professional manner with great care. He also makes recommendations as to what I can do for myself to improve and reduce the aches and pains between visits. I would recommend Brent to anyone looking for a very qualified, in my opinion, Chiropractor.” CK

“Dr. Brent Binder has been a great teacher in addition to a healer. I had a posture issue when first starting my treatments. After some education about how to improve my posture and regular adjustments I feel much better and people have noticed my posture improve. I highly recommend Dr. Binder for an expert consultant and overall healer.” JO

“He has a personal interest into not only the physiological aspect of my health care, but also my mental well-being. They have also been able to fit me into his schedule, regardless of how busy he is with other patients – he always can find the time to help. Dr. Binder is thorough in his patient evaluation, and is knowledgeable about the lastest chiropractic updates and procedures. I have recommended Pain Relief Chiropractic to many friends, and will continue doing so.” TG

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