Six Roizen’s Rules For A Younger MAN®

12 Dec

Dr. Michael F. Roizen

Co-Author of 4 #1 NY Times Bestsellers including: YOU Staying Young.

The Owner’s Manual For Extending Your Warranty (Free Press)

Our basic premise is that your body is amazing.  You get a do over. It doesn’t take that long, and it isn’t that hard if you know what to do.  In these notes, we give you a short course in what to do so it becomes easy for you, and for you to teach others. We want you to know how much control you have over both the  quality and length of your life.

Since 2011, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued warnings for “sexual enhancement” supplements that are secretly laced with dangerous drugs.

Under a microscope, some of these chemicals look similar to the active ingredients in FDA-approved Erectile Dysfunction (ED) drugs like Viagra and Cialis. Lab studies show they’re not just unapproved bargain-basement substitutes (that’s bad enough, since they do not tell you what they have in them nor do they tell you the interactions to watch for), but some contain extremely high doses of chemicals that haven’t been evaluated for safety. They also contain undeclared chemicals that can interact with other drugs you may be taking, triggering life-threatening problems like a big drop in blood pressure.

#1: Have a heart-to-heart with your doc. Finding out what’s behind ED will help find the best fix. ED is a sign of heart disease. The connection? When the cells that line the blood vessels are damaged by high blood pressure, high blood sugar, a diet packed with saturated fats, inflammation caused by belly fat and a lack of physical activity or by unmanaged stress they lose their flexibility and become narrow and stiff. When blood flow is restricted, it more than doubles a man’s odds for heart disease… and ED.

#2: Ask about blood sugar. Up to 70% of men with type 2 diabetes report sexual-performance problems. The culprits are nerve and artery damage.  Keep your blood sugar in the healthy zone by avoiding foods with added sugars, added syrups, or any grain that isn’t 100% whole grain.

#3: Lose the elastic-waist pants. Dropping just 5% of body weight could significantly improve your love life. Shedding 10% of body weight can make your ED problems 30% more likely to vanish.

#4: Sweat a little. Exercising for 15 minutes a day can improve bedroom fun nearly 20%. It helps overcome erectile problems by cooling body-wide inflammation (an emerging factor in ED), and keeping artery linings flexible and blood flowing.

#5: Follow a romance-lovers diet. Opt for fruit, veggies, lean protein (grilled salmon is great), whole grains, and olive oil. To reverse ED: In one study, bumping up fiber, slashing bad fats (like the saturated fat in meats), and ditching refined sugars and syrups helped 33% of guys vanquish their erectile problems. To Prevent ED: Another study showed guys who also add good fats (extra virgin olive oil, walnuts and non-fried fish are the top three) to that kind of upgraded diet cut their risk for ED by 66%. That’s amore!

#6: Brush and floss.  Severe gum disease doubles risk for ED. The link? Could be the body-wide effects of chronic inflammation (and related cardiovascular problems) fueled by mouth trouble. Don’t gum up the works – see a dental pro and floss daily and see that dental professional regularly. You’ll have two reasons to smile.

Get moving with 30 minutes of aerobics (minimum) daily for you and your kids, and  perform strength training exercise with weights or stretch bands (for you, the parent) 2 to 3 times a week.

Thanks for reading,

Young Dr. Mike Roizen (aka, The Enforcer)

NOTE: You should NOT take this as medical advice. 

This article is of the opinion of its author.

Before you do anything, please consult with your doctor.


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