Did Chiropractic Care Help 15-1 Long Shot “I’ll Have Another” Win The Kentucky Derby?

20 Feb

Chiropractic care has helped countless people, including many world-class professional athletes and celebrities!

Chiropractors are musculoskeletal system experts, and since animals and horses have musculoskeletal systems, why wouldn’t Chiropractic care also help them?

Well, according to USA Today, Larry “Thumper” Jones has been helping horses with Chiropractic care for years.

Years ago, Jones suffered a hockey injury and had back surgery.  His rehabilitation was unsuccessful, and it wasn’t until a Chiropractor treated him that he got better.

For 30 years now, Jones has been treating horses as an equine Chiropractor.  He has worked with top racehorses such as $5.2 million dollar winning horse, Lava Man. He recently worked on I’ll Have Another the week before the 15-1 long shot won the Kentucky Derby.

According to USA Today: “Jones, 53, describes I’ll Have Another as a ‘yoga specialist’ who has complete range of motion in his joints. He laughed, saying he wouldn’t be surprised if the horse could put his leg behind his head. As a result, I’ll Have Another should be able to take long strides, using less energy to get around the track.

“Keeping horses limber, relaxed and mobile is important, Jones said, as for any athlete. He said he uses instinct to know when a horse needs treatment, saying the animals often indicate the areas where they have tightness or pain.

“This week, I’ll Have Another will get some massages, done with a vibrating machine that helps to loosen muscles and increase blood flow.”

It looks like Jones was right.  I’ll Have Another did take some long strides and won the Kentucky Derby! (Editor’s note: After this article was written, I’ll Have Another also won the Preakness Stakes, the 2nd leg of horse racing’s Triple Crown, but suffered a career ending injury on the eve of the Belmont Stakes.)

If Chiropractic care is good enough for top professional athletes and Kentucky Derby winning horses, then it just might be good enough for you too!

And don’t forget, if you ever have any questions or concerns about your health, talk to us. Contact us with your questions. We’re here to help and don’t enjoy anything more than participating in providing you natural pain relief.


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