How To Kill Weeds Without Toxic Chemicals!

20 Feb

If you have a garden or plant flowers, then you know how much of a pain weeds can be.  They pop up everywhere and pulling them is not only time consuming but it can be brutal on your hands and back.  Most of the time, weed picking involves a slumped over (bad) posture.  Spend an hour or an afternoon picking weeds and you might feel some serious back pain!

But, the alternative, spraying toxic weed killing chemicals, has a serious down side.  These chemicals are not a joke. Not only are they toxic to weeds, they are bad news for humans and pets, too.  Getting them on your skin and inhaling them can be bad for your health. Then, there are the environmental issues of putting those chemicals into the ground.  Rainwater washes them everywhere… into gardens, the food supply, the water supply, etc.

There is another way! Most people do not know the power of vinegar to kill weeds!  Vinegar will even do it without all the potential hazards of the powerful chemicals.  All you have to do is spray the vinegar on the leaves of the weeds until they are wet.  In a few days, the weeds will be dead!

There are two things you should know about using vinegar to kill weeds:  1) Vinegar is activated by sunlight.  So, check your weather report and try to pick a day when it will be sunny and not raining.  2) Vinegar does not discriminate!  It will kill ALL plants that it is sprayed on.  So, only spray it on the weeds you want to kill. Do not get it on your flowers, tomato plants, etc.

Besides being safe and effective, vinegar is pretty cheap.  All types of vinegar will work and white vinegar is usually the cheapest.  If you spray it on and it rains and the weeds do not die, it is easy and inexpensive to simply do it again.  FYI: Vinegar is great to use to kill the weeds that grow in sidewalk cracks!


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