Pay It Forward Here Is How.

10 Mar

Have you seen the movie Pay It Forward?

If you haven’t, you probably should. Let me give you a very good reason why…

In the movie, a little kid teaches the adults a very big lesson via a concept he calls “pay it forward.”

Pay it forward is used to describe the concept of asking that a good deed be repaid by having one done for others.

In other words, if I did a good deed for you, you would not do a good deed for me in return. Instead, you would find someone else and do a good deed for them.

This concept is not new. The movie just made it popular.

In fact, Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote about this concept in his essay, Compensation back in 1841: “In the order of nature, we cannot render benefits to those from whom we receive them, or only seldom. But the benefit we receive must be rendered again, line for line, deed for deed, cent for cent, to somebody.”

In 1916, Lily Hammond wrote, “You don’t pay love back; you pay it forward.”

The list goes on…

So, here’s our request to you: If you have gotten anything of value from visiting our office or reading our blog, we would like you to pay it forward.

In other words, if you have gotten pain relief… or good advice about health… or friendship… or anything at all… go do something good for someone else.

It doesn’t have to be a big thing. It just has to be something. You never know how much of an impact just being nice to someone can have on their life.

It can make all the difference in the world to that person. So please, pay it forward.

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