The Weight Loss King? How Did A 32-Year-Old Man Lose 111 Pounds In 101 Days?

13 Mar

Just about everyone wants to lose weight. Some want to lose a lot. Some just want to lose a little. No matter how much weight you want to lose, you probably would like to know who “The Weight Loss King” is and how this 32-year-old lost 111 pounds in 101 days. Here’s the story…

“The Weight Loss King” was seriously overweight at 333 lbs. His health was spiraling out of control and he sat himself down and decided he had to make a change. That change was going to be a 10-day juice fast.

By the third day, things looked bleak. Hunger and the detoxification process was waging war on him. But he kept his promise to himself and made it to the fourth day. That’s when things started to get a little better…

Each day he just tried to make it to the next. By the 8th day, he shot a video about his progress. He had lost 16 lbs., but he said something much more important happened than the amount of weight he had lost. He said that his initial goal was to make it 10 days. But now on the 8th day, he changed his goal. His new goal was to stay on the juice fast for another 10 days, and possibly 10 after that, for a total of 30 days.

This meant he was going to miss Thanksgiving, but by this time, he knew he was creating a whole new life for himself. He admitted he didn’t even think he was going to make it the initial 10 days. It’s amazing how things can change…

He made another video update on day 15, and reported that he was down 23 lbs. This time, he said he was going for 30 days and it was clear by the conviction in his voice that he was going to make it. In this video, his entire face was beginning to change and he was becoming a completely different person.

By day 22, he had lost 30 lbs. He said he had one week to go and he wanted to drop another 10 lbs. in his final week.

On day 30, you could see everything had changed. He was down 38 lbs. and he looked and talked like a new person. He said, “I’m on day 30 of a 10 day juice fast which means I’ve done better than I thought I could.” The most important thing was the self-confidence he now possessed, and the incredible positive momentum he was building.

He announced that he changed his goal once again and he planned to do a full 60 days on the juice fast. By day 33, he was down 41 lbs. He said that he was feeling the best he had ever felt in his life. The days went by and the weight continued to come off. Each video update was better than the previous one, until he reached his ultimate goal by dropping a whopping 111 pounds in 101 days.

So what do a juice fast and all this weight loss have to do with you? The weight loss actually has nothing to do with you, but there is something much more important here that does…

On his last video update, he said he thought reaching his juice fast goal would be the end, but when he got there, he realized it was just the beginning. The important thing here is that he did not attempt a 101 day juice fast. He only attempted 10 days. He committed himself to something small and believable and then he took action. He just tried to make it through each day, one day at a time. When he did, the momentum grew. That’s how big changes take place, one small step at a time.

No one is telling you or anyone else to do a juice fast. For this newsletter, the juice fast is merely symbolic of the process of change and how you can achieve major accomplishments in your life by making a commitment to a small, attainable goal and taking one small step at a time. The key is taking that first step.

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