How These Two $5,000 Birds Can Help Your Back and Neck Pain.

27 Mar

If you would like to know how two $5,000 birds can help your back and neck pain, you are going to love this story.

Here is why,  there is a very successful business man who grew up extremely poor.  His mother made many sacrifices for him as a child so he could get an education and become the huge success he is today.

Now that he is making a lot of money, he likes to buy his mother lavish gifts.

But after several years, he ran out of gift ideas… until he walked into an exotic pet store.

In the pet store, he discovered a pair of birds that were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.  They were beautiful.  They could talk, sing, dance, and they could even walk a dog!

Theses birds were extremely rare and cost $5,000 each, and were sold in pairs.  The business man spared no expense for his mother – he bought them without hesitation and had them shipped to her.

After a few days, the business man called his mother…

“Hey Mom… I love you… did you get the two birds?”

“Yup, they were great.”

“What?  They can talk, sing, dance, and even walk the dog!  They cost $5,000 apiece.  Please tell me you didn’t eat them!!!”

“If they could talk, they should have said something.”

We have told you this story/joke because there is a very important moral we thought you should know.  And the moral to this story is that too many people are just like those two birds.

They have an ache or a pain or a health problem… and they can talk… but they don’t tell a doctor!  This leads to people suffering when they do not have to, and the small easy-to-deal-with things become major health issues.  Too often, a little back or neck pain is ignored until you end up hunched over in serious pain.

If you or anyone you know has any aches or pains – SPEAK UP!  Give us a call and let us take care of it now… before you end up like those two $5,000 birds. 


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