Here’s Why You Should Help A Butterfly Flap Its Wings You will be surprised what this butterfly can do for you…

14 Apr

Have you heard of the Butterfly Effect? If you have, it’s probably because of the 2004 movie staring Ashton Kutcher. It was a pretty intense movie, but did you know the movie was based on a real scientific theory?

It’s true. That theory is called the chaos theory. In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is “the sensitive dependence on initial conditions, in which a small change at one place in a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state.”

Whoa. That’s a mouthful. In other words, the butterfly effect means that very small (and seemingly unimportant actions) can lead to MONUMENTAL effects at some later time.

One theoretical example often given about the butterfly effect is the possibility of a butterfly flapping its wings leading to a hurricane formation weeks or months later. Does a butterfly flapping its wings in the Rain Forest of Brazil cause a tornado in Kansas?

Yes, this sounds crazy. At least the hurricane and tornado examples do, but this example is much more believable…

A ball placed on the peak of a mountain or hill may roll any number of ways based on any number of variations, including very slight changes in its starting position. What happens after the ball starts rolling in a certain direction can trigger many different results.

Or how about this, someone goes out and has a few drinks. Then drives. Then runs a red light causing an accident that injures someone. The impact of that first action will drastically change the lives of countless people for countless years.

The good news is that the butterfly effect is not just about bad stuff like hurricanes, tornadoes, and car accidents. For example, what if you were the person who drove your friend home after they had a few drinks and the accident never happened?

Or what if you were just nice to someone and listened to them and let them know there are people out there who care about them, even when there is nothing in it for you?

A small kindness done for a stranger could have major positive ramifications years from now. As you’ll see in the rest of this newsletter, it may all start with getting the right amount of sleep that your body needs so that you’ll have as many years as possible to experience the wonders of our world.

One Response to “Here’s Why You Should Help A Butterfly Flap Its Wings You will be surprised what this butterfly can do for you…”

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