This Might Make You Happy.

27 Apr

Do you want to be happy? If you do, it really is quite simple. Allow me to explain with the help of this quick story…

Many years ago there was a very lonely man. He did not have many friends and did almost everything alone.

One day while eating, he saw the owner of the restaurant carry in a huge pile of mail. It was the holiday season and he watched as the restaurant owner opened at least 100 holiday cards!

The lonely man was astonished and told the restaurant owner that he did not get any holiday cards. Not one.

The restaurant owner’s reply was simple… “How many do you send out?”

“Well… none. Why would I? No one sends any to me.”

The restaurant owner smiled and said how he ALWAYS sends his out the first week in November. That way, everyone he sends one to has plenty of time to send one back and almost everyone he sends one to sends one in return.

Now, I’m not sure if the lonely man learned anything from this story, but I sure did. I learned that the secret to getting what you want is to first give other people what they want.

If you want to receive holiday cards, you should send out holiday cards FIRST.

If you want good people in your life, you should be a good person FIRST.

If you want people to help you, you should help them FIRST.

Always try to improve other people’s lives. That is the way to improve yours.

And if you want to be happy, go make someone else happy.

If you put your own self-interest aside and help people get what they want and help them be happy, if they are a good person, then they will help you get what you want and help you be happy too.

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