Awesome Person Alert! If you found a stranger’s wallet with money in it and no one else knew, what would you do? What this person did is incredible…

1 Jul

It’s a very old and commonly used ethical question. If you found a bag of money and no one knew, would you keep it or return it? A quick Google search of this topic reveals many important things…
First, there are a lot of people who jump into the legal debate. In other words, whether they keep or return the money is solely dependant on what they are legally bound to do. They say, if it is legal, they will keep it and vice versa. The situation gets more complicated depending on the amount of money in the bag. For example, it is much easier returning $20 than it is $1 million. What if the person who finds the money is poor? Does this mean it is okay to keep someone else’s money? It all depends on your situational ethics.
That’s why this story is so impressive.
Christian Reyes lost his wallet at a Florida Marlins’ baseball game and the person who found it did something amazing. He looked in the wallet and found Reyes’ Miami Senior High School student ID card. He brought the wallet to the school and turned it in. When he went to the front office, all he said was, “Somebody lost this wallet. One of your students. I think it’s one of your students from this school, lost this wallet at the game, and I just want to make sure he gets it back.”
Then, the good Samaritan left, not even telling the office staff his name. But here is the most amazing part: When Reyes got his wallet and opened it, he found there was EXTRA money in it and a note. Whoever found and returned his wallet actually put an extra $20 in the wallet with a note that said…
“I added $20 to it so you know the world is a great place. Do me a favor, when you get the chance, do something nice for someone else.”
Reyes is reported as saying he is looking forward to holding up his end of the deal. This is incredible because not only did this kind person add money to the wallet, he did not even tell anyone his name. He is obviously just looking to make the world a better place and not looking to make himself look good.
But this is not the only good Samaritan case. According to the Boston Globe, last October, Red Sox player Shane Victorino lost his wallet on a plane. A good Samaritan actually shipped the wallet back to him from Paris! Victorino told the press, “There’s honest, trustworthy people in this world.”
Here is one more good Samaritan story that is nothing short of awesome…
A bunch of college kids got intoxicated and were smart enough to not drive home. They decided to take a chance and knock on the front door of a house at 11:00 p.m. and see if they could get a ride back to their house. What greeted them when the door opened was a little scary…
You see, the house they chose was being rented out by several professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters and the guy who answered the door was 6’3” pro MMA fighter Jake Gombocz. As you can imagine, this story could have gone very wrong for these drunken college kids pounding on a stranger’s door at 11 p.m.
But it didn’t. Jake is a gentle giant and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Jake offered them a ride home all the way across town. When the college kids offered Jake money, he refused to take it and told them to pay the kindness forward to someone else.
The most amazing part of all these stories is the good Samaritans did not give their names and did not try to take credit for their acts of kindness. We only found out Jake’s name because one of his friends was there and posted the story about Jake on his Facebook account.
Maybe these are the real heroes we should pay attention to, praise, and look up to. 

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