Steak is Better For You Than Hot Dogs or Salami… and Something Actually Important.

19 Sep

Recently, an amusing headline made the rounds on the internet. The headline read, “Steak Is Better For You Than Hot Dogs Or Salami.” The article that followed concerned a study (with data collected from 37,000 men) that showed you have a greater risk for heart failure if you eat processed red meats than if you eat unprocessed red meats.

The study showed: “Men who ate roughly 2.6 oz. a day of processed red meats had a 28% higher risk of heart failure and more than two times the risk of death from heart failure compared with men who ate less than 1 oz. of processed meat daily.”

What’s amusing about this?

While the actual numbers are interesting, isn’t it amusing that there was even a question if hotdogs were better for you than steak?

Sometimes it seems as though we make life and the world over-complicated when it is actually quite simple.

For example, this month’s newsletter gives another example of a study that showed too much strenuous exercise is not good for you. Doesn’t “too much” clue people in that it is not good?

But it seems like we have a society built on excess. More is always better. Whether it is food, supplements, or working out… if a little is good… then a lot must be better!

Well, did you know if you drink the proper amount of water you will be hydrated and function optimally, but if you drink too much water you can die? It’s true.

The real key in life is moderation and simplification to achieve balance. When you have moderation and balance, you not only see the world more accurately, you become happier and healthier.

Chiropractic is a perfect example of moderation and simplification to achieve balance. The best Chiropractor will find the simplest solution to your problem that takes the least amount of treatments, and then will simply leave it and you alone.

You cannot function any better than 100%. More is not better.


Dr. Binder

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