Will He Be the First Player in the NFL Without Arms?

24 Sep

Have you ever gotten a letter of praise from the President of the United States of America? If you are like most people, the answer is, “no.” But Isaac Lufkin has, and that should tell you he is doing something extraordinary…
Why is Lufkin so special that President Barack Obama would write him? Well, it’s not that Lufkin is special, it’s that he is AMAZING!
Here is why: Lufkin was born 14 years ago without arms. He never wanted any pity, and he never complained. Instead, he took all that mental energy and used it to propel himself forward in a positive direction towards lofty goals.
Lufkin has always wanted to do everything himself with ZERO help from others. Just imagine getting dressed — putting on your pants, shirt, socks, and shoes — without arms! Lufkin does that with ease. Now, imagine playing high school football with the goal of playing in the NFL!
Lufkin is currently 14 years old and is the kicker for his high school team in Providence, Rhode Island. His specialty is the onside kick and he and his team have had great success implementing it.
But, Lufkin wants more. He wants to be a defensive lineman. He loves big hits, and he actually thinks he has an advantage over his opponents with arms.
When questioned how this is possible, Lufkin quickly explains how they cannot grab him and they cannot grab his jersey. What most people see as a handicap, he sees as his advantage.
That really is the secret to success and happiness for anyone in life. We are all born with our own personal individual talents and gifts and those talents and gifts are very unique. The key is to discover what your unique talents and gifts are and recognize them as advantages, not disadvantages. Then, develop them to the best of your ability.
Just as important, accept that because of them, you are different from others. Being different is good. Being unique means you are special and you have something of value that sets you apart. The last thing you want to be is exactly like everyone else.
Lufkin has embraced who he is and how and why he is unique, and he is working hard to develop that extraordinary talent and ability all the way to the NFL.
But the important thing is not whether he makes it to the NFL or not. The important thing is, at 14 years old, he understands how to succeed and how to be happy. He will have a happy and successful life no matter what happens with his football career.
So, what did President Obama write to Lufkin? He wrote, “Your success on and off the football field serves as a reminder of what can be achieved when we work hard and stay focused on reaching our goals. You have set a powerful example not only for your teammates, but for all Americans, and I hope you continue to aim high and strive for excellence in everything you do.”
There is no doubt, Isaac Lufkin will be excellent at whatever he chooses to do.

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