Some Facts About Water Fluoridation…

6 Oct

Most people living in developed nations do not fluoridate their water. For example, in Western Europe only 3% of the population consumes fluoridated water. While 25 countries have water fluoridation programs, in 11 of these countries, less than 20% of the population consumes fluoridated water: Argentina (19%), Guatemala (13%), Panama (15%), Papa New Guinea (6%), Peru (2%), Serbia (3%), Spain (11%), South Korea (6%), the United Kingdom (11%), and Vietnam (4%).
There are only 11 countries where more than half of the population drinks fluoridated water: Australia (80%), Brunei (95%); Chile (70%), Guyana (62%), Hong Kong (100%), the Irish Republic (73%), Israel (70%), Malaysia (75%), New Zealand (62%), Singapore (100%), and the United States (64%).
In total, 377,655,000 million people worldwide drink artificially fluoridated water, that’s about 5% of the world’s population. Interestingly enough, there is no difference in tooth decay between the Western nations that fluoridate their water and those that do not.

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