Who Would Kick a Paralyzed Man Out of His Wheelchair and Steal His Surf Boards? The Amazing Part is What Happened Next…

4 Nov

We like to think we live in a world filled with good, caring people. Yet, each day the cable news channels are filled with the worst of what society has to offer. Does this mean most people are mean, nasty murderers and criminals? No, it does not. It simply means that’s what gets ratings and makes the television networks money.
That’s why watching the news can make even the happiest person feel depressed in no time. But every now and then, the networks give us a gift and show an amazing story – an uplifting tale that makes up for all the negativity.
This is one of those stories, but it doesn’t start out that way…
In fact, it starts by showing the worst side of humanity.
In 2007, a man named Randy Abbott went in for a simple surgery, a micro lumbar discectomy, and his life changed forever.
During the procedure, there were complications and the surgeon partially cut his spinal cord, paralyzing Randy from the waist down. The damage also caused arachnodidise, dystonia, reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (RSD), and a constant headache that will never go away.
Randy spent two and a half years in the hospital and underwent several additional surgeries. Over and over, his doctors told him all the things he would never be able to do. Randy told them this was not the life he had worked so hard for and this was not the life he wanted. He had big plans and dreams and living the rest of his life in a wheelchair was not one of them.
He thought about calling it quits. But, then he said he heard a voice in his head say, “If you want to throw in the towel, I understand. It’s OK. I understand that you think your life is over and nothing good can come out of it. But before you throw it away, think about something. At this moment, you are drowning in fear and uncertainty. If you get back to living in the moment, have faith, and stop looking at everything as being problems without answers, you are going to have a great life.”
Right then and there, Randy decided to lead a great life. The first thing he did was forgive the surgeon who injured his spinal cord, then he told his doctors that he was taking charge of his medical care. They were giving him limitations based on statistics. Well, he was not a statistic and was not going to be treated like one.
By 2012, Randy was doing a lot of things his doctors told him he could not. One of those things was surfing, which was made possible when his friends designed and made him a special wheelchair and surfboards. He surfs three to four days a week and also teaches disabled kids how to surf. Randy grew up surfing and being able to surf again was amazing.
Then the worst of humanity reared its ugly head…
In July this year, Randy returned to his vehicle and found two men cutting his surf boards off the roof of his car to steal them. Randy, in his wheelchair, yelled, “Hey, I’m paralyzed. Don’t steal my surfboards!” The two men attacked him, knocked him to the ground, and ran off with his three surf boards.
Professional surfer Rob Machado tweeted about it, and the story went viral. Randy said he got over 500 text messages of support from people all over the world whom he did not even know. They told him not to worry about his surf boards because they are going to get him new ones. Quickly, two out of the three stolen boards were recovered. But they were heavily damaged. Local surfer Christopher Tomlin heard what happened and gave Randy three of his own boards while two new ones were being made.
The real news story wasn’t that two thugs robbed a guy in a wheelchair. No, the real story here is Randy’s drive to never let his disability place limits on his dreams and the outpouring of support he received from complete strangers who were moved by his story. Maybe sometimes watching the news isn’t such a bad thing. 

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