The One Question You Should Ask Yourself Every Day Before You Do Anything…

11 Nov

Did you know there is one question you should ask yourself every day before you do anything? There is a good chance that asking yourself this question will have a dramatic effect on your life. In just a moment, I’m going to tell you what that question is. But first, let me tell you about this little brain teaser…

Not too long ago, you may have seen a commercial featuring a very well-known and wealthy sports star trying to sell an unhealthy beverage product. Since the target audience for this commercial was mostly children and young adults, one could say this sports star was in fact helping to make countless children and young adults less healthy.

When this realization was posted on the internet, many people stood up for the athlete. When pressed for a reason why they were defending him, most said it was okay because of all the money the company paid him to be in the commercial.

So, even though this sports star already makes tens of millions of dollars each year, his actions were still justifiable because he was going to make more, even if there was a potential that endorsing this product could be harmful to the public.

Which brings us to the one question you should ask yourself every day before you do anything: WHY AM I DOING THIS?

Sure, it’s simple… but it can be a very powerful question.

Are you doing whatever you are doing because it will have a positive impact on yourself and the world? Or are you doing it simply for selfish reasons that will negatively impact one or more people?

This question is not just about money. It is about every aspect of your life, even your relationships.

If you ask yourself this question today, your answer may not be virtuous. No one is perfect. But at least you will have an opportunity to be a much better person with much better relationships and have a much better QUALITY of life that no amount of money can buy.

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