Lose Weight with Potatoes?

24 Feb

Potatoes (and other carbohydrates) have gotten a bad rap in recent years. Now, newly published research claims they can help you lose weight. Well, sort of. According to researchers at McGill University, a potato extract may help limit weight gain from a diet that is already high in fat and refined carbohydrates. The study was done on mice that were fed an obesity-inducing diet for ten weeks. Some of the mice were also fed a potato extract. The mice fed the potato extract gained less weight.

Here are a few things that are important… The extract comes from 30 potatoes. Obviously, attempting to eat 30 potatoes a day would not achieve the same results (due to the large amount of calories) and is not advisable. That’s why an extract was used. But there is a bigger issue: This potato extract was tested on mice eating diets high in fat and refined carbohydrates. A much better solution would be to stop eating that sort of low-quality diet. The answer is not to eat poorly and hope that a supplement or drug will solve your problems. The answer is to eat right in the first place. The study said the mice taking the extract with the poor diet gained LESS weight. This means they still gained weight. There are no good shortcuts to losing weight and staying healthy. Making the decision to eat right and exercise for the rest of your life is the only real solution.

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