Do You Want to Be Healthy and Happy? Really… Do You?

4 Jan

Let me ask you an important question. It might change your life.

Here’s the question: If you could have anything, what would it be?

Most people say they want some huge amount of money. If they had enough money, all their problems would be solved and they would be happy. While I will agree having money is better than being poor, having money will not bring you the happiness you think it will.

Why? Because there are other things you must have to be happy that money cannot buy. Ironically, if you have the other things, money tends to come as well.

Probably the most important thing you need to be happy is AMBITION. Ambition is a powerful force that turns hopeful wishes into reality. But it must be the correct ambition.

The correct ambition leads you on the right course to have a wonderful life. Legitimate ambition says you only want something at the service of others… not at the expense of others.

If it is your ambition to be great, you must first find a way to serve others. If it is your ambition to be wealthy, you must first learn how to give. If it is your ambition to be healthy, you must first learn to stop doing the things that make you sick.

Ambition is at the core of every success, while wishes and wants without the correct ambition are completely worthless.

The greatest ambition you can have is to stop doing the things that make you sick and start doing the things that make you healthy.

Every day you are faced with simple choices. Should you eat healthy food or junk food? Should you exercise or sit on the couch? Should you think positive thoughts and live a positive life or should you be negative and full of stress?

All of those things are really just simple choices, and if you make the right simple choices every day for just one month, your life will change. You will see results, gain momentum, and notice the things in your life that you really want being created and achieved.

The correct ambition and intention is the key. The rest will follow.


Dr. Binder

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