Two Acts of Kindness That Will Change the Way You Feel About Humanity…

7 Mar

You have probably heard this old saying, “I would give you the shirt off my back.” It simply means you are a very kind and generous person who would give everything to another person. The saying is very common, but have you ever seen it done?

Putulik Qumaq is homeless. Originally from Northern Canada, Putulik has been living on the streets of Montreal for 17 years. He knows hunger, pain, and cold. So, when he saw a teenager in a t-shirt laying on the sidewalk in the freezing weather, he did something no one else would. Qumaq walked up to the boy and gave him the coat off his back. Qumaq simply told the teen, “It’s very cold” and handed him his jacket.

But this story has a twist… You see, the 14-year old boy was not homeless after all. Instead, he was shooting a video and only acting homeless just to see if anyone would help him. He said some people gave a little bit of money, but most just ignored him. It’s amazing that the one person who gave the most had the least to offer.

Qumaq said he had a feeling when he saw the boy. He said, “He’s young and I’ve been through that.”

Apparently helping people isn’t new for Qumaq. He frequents a Montreal shelter (The Open Door) and is known for his generosity. A volunteer at the shelter, Frank Paris said, “I see them helping individuals all the time. Here, showing love, brotherly love amongst each other.”

David Chapman, the Assistant Director at The Open Door, said those who have been through hardship are often the most generous. He said, “Often, those who live on the street are people with really big hearts, and this is an aspect that’s often not seen… We see a lot of it because we get to know them. We learn to know their names, we learn a little bit about their stories, and in fact, they are some of the most lovely people you’ll ever meet.”

Now, for another amazing example…

At times, New York City (and other major cities) can be a rough place. Riders on the subway tend to mind their own business and rarely may eye contact with one another. But 23-year-old Joey Resto from Brooklyn is different…

Recently, a fellow rider recorded Joey performing a rare act of altruism that has the Internet buzzing. Joey saw an elderly man shirtless and so cold he was shivering. Joey went over, took his shirt off, and gave it to the man. Lazaro Nolasco, the man who recorded the clip, shared it on Facebook and it had been viewed over nine million times as of this writing.

Resto said that after seeing the man on the train and noticing he had abrasions on his head, he realized he couldn’t sit back and do nothing. He told the New York Daily News, “It was a natural reaction to help, to do what I can. I hope they find this guy. It is not hard to spot him. It just came from the heart. I don’t know how anyone could have walked past him and had extra clothing and not given it to him. He was warm for the first time in I don’t know how long. He just curled up in a corner and went to sleep.”

But Resto didn’t stop there. After putting his shirt on the man, he went and got him a black winter hat and put it on his head. He said he wanted to take the man for a hot meal, but he had fallen asleep and was resting so peacefully that Resto did not want to disturb him.

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