Does Thinking Positively Really Work?

7 Jul

I’m sure you hear statements like this all the time…

“Just think positive thoughts and good things will happen.”

“If you believe it, you can achieve it!”

Do you need any more examples?

But does that stuff really work?  Does thinking positive thoughts actually change your life one bit, or is all just smoke and mirrors being pedaled by entrepreneurs in the self-help industry trying to make money of you?

First, we need to define what “works” means.  This is where most people go completely off the rails.  They define “works” as something close to magic.  In other words, they think that a few simple days of thinking positively will drop $100 million in their lap and bring them eternal happiness.

That’s not going to happen.

But we do know that the way we think influences our perception of the world and the things we experience.

For example, in this newsletter, we discuss a study that showed that people experience pain differently based on things they were told before they experienced the pain.  When males were told that men experience less pain than women, they reported experiencing less pain than they did just the day before.

Same people.  Same pain.  Different belief.  Different experience with the pain.

Does this mean that if you believe you are a positive person and act accordingly better things will happen in your life?

I can’t say that for sure.

But I do know this, it will change your perspective, and that can change your life.

While there are many things you can’t change about life, you can always change the way you think about them and the way you react to them.

The same emotional trigger that can make you feel stress, fear, or anger can also make you laugh, or at least bring about a neutral feeling.

For example, when you’re confronted with a crisis, try to see how it may actually be an opportunity. When you do that, you might observe things changing for the better.


Dr. Binder

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