The Health Benefits of Honey Go Far Beyond Soothing a Sore Throat…

8 Aug

Most people have experienced the soothing effects of sipping on a warm cup of tea with honey while suffering from a cold, but the health benefits of honey extend beyond relieving the ache of a sore throat. Here are a few facts about honey:

  • There are over 300 different types of honey in the United States Variations come from the different types of flowers from which the bees collect their pollen. A few of the different types are, buckwheat, orange blossom, tupelo, wildflower, sage, blueberry, alfalfa, clover, and eucalyptus. Different floral sources result in an array of colors and flavors ranging from light and mild in flavor to dark and robust.
  • Honey may hold the key to finding new antibiotics. Researchers have discovered that bees create a protein called defensin-1 that they add to the honey. Scientist hope that the same compounds in honey can one day be used to “treat burns and skin infections and to develop new drugs that could combat antibiotic-resistant infections.”
  • Honey contains antioxidants. Eating foods with antioxidant properties is important because “Antioxidants— substances that slow the oxidation of other substances—counter the toxic effects of free radicals, which can cause DNA damage that can lead to age-related problems such as arthritis, strokes, and cancer.”

So, if you are interested in adding honey to your diet, there are a few things to keep in mind… Honey should never be given to an infant under twelve months old. Look for local honey sources (farmers markets are a good place to start), but know that unprocessed honey can cause an allergic reaction. And if you have a bee hive in or around your home, know that calling a professional to move the colony to a safe place for both bees and people is an option.

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