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One Human, One Animal. Two heartwarming and motivational stories you may find hard to believe…

6 Mar

In October, the World Health Organization (WHO) came out with a shocking statistic: More than 350 million people suffer from depression globally.

“It is not a disease of developed countries, it is a global phenomenon. It’s present in both genders and in rich and poor populations,” Dr. Shekhar Saxena, head of the WHO’s Mental Health and Substance Abuse Department, told reporters in Geneva.

Researchers claim that nearly 1 million people take their lives every year and more than half of them suffer from depression.

That’s why it is important to hear about people like Chuck Pagano. Chuck is the Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts and was hospitalized with leukemia the week before his team’s 4th game in the NFL this season.  Chuck sent a letter (email) to his team that showed his true character. The email told them to focus on their task at hand and not on him.

Here is a portion of the letter:

My condition will not determine my position. I understand the condition but choose to focus on my position. That is to stay positive and SERVE.


There is no better owner in the NFL, period! He has built an organization based on Faith, Family and Football. Don’t ever mistake the ORDER.

We all have a job to do. We know and understand that. That’s why we signed up for it. We knew there were going to be tough times. This is not for everybody, but I know deep in my heart we are all here because we’re supposed to be.

Focus on being .500 by 4:30 p.m. on Sunday. Nothing else. LASER SHARP FOCUS. That has to be our mindset.  60 minutes, all you got, one play at a time!  WIN!

His team won in dramatic fashion, and the owner offered Chuck the game ball.  Chuck declined because it was not supposed to be about him.

Now for one of the most touching animal stories EVER…

Capitán is a German Shepherd that lives in Argentina.  Capitán may also be the most loyal dog that ever lived.  Here is why…

In 2006, Capitán’s owner, Manuel Guzman, died, and Capitán ran away from home. A week later, Guzman’s family found Capitán at his owner’s gravesite… heartbroken.  No one had ever taken Capitán to the gravesite; he found it all by himself.

Since then, every day for 6 years, Capitán spends most of his time in the cemetery near his master’s grave. The cemetery director has been feeding and taking care of loyal Capitán. According to the cemetery director, “During the day, he sometimes takes a walk around the cemetery, but always rushes back to the grave.  And every day, at 6:00 p.m. sharp, he lies down on top of the grave and stays there all night.”