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If You Have Knee Arthritis, Is There Anything You Can Do About It?

11 Mar

Knee arthritis is not only common, it can be life-changing. Studies show that nearly 1 in 2 people may develop symptomatic knee osteoarthritis by age 85.

What Is Osteoarthritis Of The Knee?

Osteoarthritis or “OA” is the most common form of arthritis. OA is a condition where the cartilage between joints wears away, causing pain.

Then, when enough synovial fluid (a naturally occurring lubricant found in the knee) andcartilageisgone,thepaincanbeunbearable and require total knee replacement.

If You Have Knee Arthritis, Is There Anything You Can Do About It?

According to researcher, Dr. Tatyana Shamliyan, “Several guidelines recommend non- drug treatment, including exercise, electrical stimulation, tai chi and esthetics.” Her team analyzed the evidence and came up with results that were sometimes at odds with those guidelines. They looked at how the therapies affected pain, functioning, and disability. “Based on the analysis, we can’t conclude sustained benefit with tai chi, manual therapy or massage, or transcutaneous electrical [nerve] stimulation.”

Dr. Shamliyan’s team reviewed nearly 200 studies and found there was evidence that low impact aerobic exercise and water exercise improved function and decreased disability. Aerobic exercise, strength training and therapeutic ultrasound reduced pain and increased mobility. However, the best outcomes came when patients stuck to their exercise program. This is particularly important as exercise can increase knee pain in the short-term.

It should be noted that the study did not show that intense exercise was any better than moderate exercise.

The take home message here is that it looks like certain moderate exercise can help some of the symptoms associated with knee OA.

But this does not mean you should take it upon yourself to “just go exercise.”

If you suffer with knee OA, you should see a qualified physician. They will be able to determine the best treatment program for your individual case.