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Our Excuses Are Invalid. Here Is Why…

2 Mar

Most people have heard of Facebook.

Chances are, you have also heard of Pinterest.

It doesn’t matter if you have or not, what matters is this… On both Facebook and Pinterest there is a viral theme called, “Your excuse is invalid.”

Basically, people post pictures of someone doing something that by all appearances, they shouldn’t be able to do.

For example, consider the South African sprinter who just became the first double amputee to compete in the Olympic games.

He had both his legs amputated at 11 years old and now runs using carbon fiber “legs.”

His nicknames are: The “Blade Runner” and “The fastest man on no legs.”

Think about this for a minute, the guy has NO LEGS and yet, he made the South African Olympic track team.

How many times have you started to eat well… and then quit?

How many times have you started an exercise program… and then quit?

How many times have you decided to improve your health and life… and then quit?

Why did you quit?

Not enough time? Too tired? Was it too hard?


Just think about the Blade Runner. That’s right, your excuse is invalid. It’s 100% made up in your head.

Not everyone has the genetics to run in the Olympics. But we can all be BETTER. We can all be HAPPIER. We can all be HEALTHIER and in BETTER SHAPE.

Lastly, your excuses (and mine) are invalid. ☺


Dr. Binder

Why The Secret May be Causing Your Aches, Pains and Poor Health.

23 Feb

We all want the secret. So, when the DVD/book The Secret came out, it was a big success. At least a COMMERCIAL SUCCESS.

But, what if someone told you your aches and pains (and many other problems in your life) were actually caused by The Secret?

How is that possible? Well, the information in The Secret is nothing new. Most of the book was actually taken from a book written in the 1920s by Robert Collier called The Secret of the Ages. They didn’t even change the title that much.

Anyway, it’s the age-old, “what you believe, you can achieve” stuff. So, if you are not achieving, then you are not “believing” hard enough.

In reality, belief is a very important part of achieving. But, belief is not the only part. In fact, it is useless without something else.

If you read the inspirational story this month, you already know what that other part is. If you haven’t read it yet, then you are going to love what you discover.

Here’s something that was not mentioned in the inspirational story in this month’s newsletter but is on the video.

“The part that The Secret missed… is belief and work ethic. They left that part out. I don’t care how much you believe something is going to happen, it’s not just going to manifest and happen if you don’t work at it… and when you fall down you have to get back up again. Brush yourself off and keep going. And you have to believe when you get knocked down again and again and again… that’s the thing.”

Yes, that is “the thing.”

Clearly, there are no “secret” shortcuts in life.

There are no shortcuts to staying healthy, either. Staying healthy is a lifelong journey that includes eating right, exercise, stress reduction, Chiropractic care, etc.

You will get knocked down. You will eat junk foods. You will get stressed out. You will abandon your Chiropractor for periods of time.

But, as long as you get back up and get back on track, you will be okay.

Belief and hard work.

Now, that’s a plan. Simply “hoping” is not. Take action today for whatever you want.

Watching Your Back,

Dr. Brent Binder