Are You A Good Enough Person To Do This?

2 Jan

Here is proof that there are still amazing people in the world.  Are you one of them?

Every day, it feels like all the news covers is the dark, horrible side of humanity.

Sure, people do bad things,  even evil things.  But, there is another side to this story.  There’s a clear argument that can be made that many more people are good than bad.  For every one bad person in the news (or going viral on the internet) there are hundreds, thousands, or millions who did not do anything wrong.  In fact, many, if not most, probably did quite a bit of good.

So, why don’t we hear about all this good?  Quite frankly, it’s because bad stuff sells.  It sells much more than good news.  People love drama.  It’s no coincidence Honey Boo Boo, The Kardashians, and The Jersey Shore were/are monstrously successful shows.

That’s why I bet you have probably heard of those shows but have not heard about this…

Rabbi Noah Muroff lives in New Haven, Connecticut and bought a desk off Craig’s List for $200.  So far, that’s nothing shocking… but it gets better…

When he got the desk home, he couldn’t get it into his office in one piece.  So, Rabbi Noah took the desk apart and pulled out the drawers.

Behind one of the drawers, he found a plastic bag.  At first glance, Muroff saw what he thought to be a $100 bill.

When he opened the bag, he discovered there were quite a few $100 bills.  In fact, there was $98,000 in cash.  That’s ninety-eight THOUSAND dollars in CASH.

WOW!  So let me ask you a question… What is the first thing you would do with that money after you stopped jumping around cheering? Pay off some bills?  Buy a car?  Go on vacation?  Give some to charity?

Muroff did none of that.  Instead, he did the right thing.  He called the person he just bought the desk from and told them what he had found.

As it turned out, the desk’s previous owner had hidden her inheritance money in the desk and had forgotten all about it.

Muroff returned the money.  All of it.  He is quoted as simply saying, “The most important thing in life is to be honest.”

That’s it.  There was no police chase.  No drugs or violence.  No one yelling and screaming.  Just an ethical and moral person choosing to do the right thing and not making a big deal about it or even looking for public approval or praise.

The comments posted on this story were varied.  Some praised him and said they would do the same thing.  Others said he was a fool and they would have spent the money.  Some said it is all just a matter of the amount and that we all have a price.  If that was $10 million… or $1 billion… that he would have kept it.

So, the question for you is, what would YOU do?  Let’s say it was $10 million and no one else knew.  It was your secret.  Do ethics and morality really have a price?

Do YOU have a price?

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