An Important Message From The Most Famous Chiropractor You’ve Probably Never Heard Of.

24 Feb

There is a very famous person you probably do not know was a Chiropractor.  Here is a quote from one of his shows… let’s see if you can guess who it is…

“You know this is a nation of tired people.

“Everyone is tired.

“Everyone is suffering from that disease I like to call pooped-out-itis.  

“People wake up in the morning they are tired.  They go to bed at night they are tired.  They are tired throughout the day.  And life doesn’t hold much is store for anyone when you are tired all the time.  

“Now let’s find out why people are tired.




Know who it is?  It was Jack Lalanne (yes, he was a Chiropractor) and this quote was from the 1950s!  Jack was far ahead of his time. It’s no wonder he was able to perform all those incredible feats of strength and lived to be 96 years old.

Here’s the best part (and how this ties into this month’s newsletter)…

On the same video we pulled the above quote from, Jack says (in reference to something he was reading), “The doctor emphasized the importance of physical exercise.  There is evidence to show that hard physical work is good for us, but moderation and consistency is important.  We ought to play 3 holes of golf every day and not 18 of golf all at once.”

Jack went on to say, “Try to get a few minutes of exercise every day rather than to get a whole lot every once in a while.”

In this month’s Health News & Views, there is information from a new study that says strenuous exercising may be bad for your heart.  It seems that Jack Lalanne had one of the keys to health and success back in the 50s:  Consistency and Moderation.

Eat right, get proper rest, reduce stress, exercise moderately… and do it all CONSISTENTLY.  In other words, be the tortoise, not the hare!

There are no quick fixes.  But, there are long-term solutions  So, start right now.

Watching Your Back,

Dr. Brent Binder

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