Something You Can Do Right Now To Instantly Improve Your Life.

18 May

This might seem a little hard to believe, so let me explain by telling this quick story…

Back in the 1970s, there was a medical doctor by the name of Linus Pauling. Pauling was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1925 and the Nobel Peace Prize in 1962. He was also known as the world’s foremost vitamin C proponent.

Dr. Pauling believed high doses of vitamin C could prevent and cure many diseases. He also believed intravenous vitamin C could cure cancer.

Dr. Pauling was labeled a quack by many of his peers in mainstream medicine for these beliefs, which were very radical at the time.

Well, the BBC News recently reported that “High-dose vitamin C can boost the cancer-killing effect of chemotherapy in the lab and mice, research suggests. Given by injection, it could potentially be a safe, effective and low-cost treatment for ovarian and other cancers, say U.S. scientists. Reporting in Science Translational Medicine, they call for large-scale government clinical trials. Pharmaceutical companies are unlikely to run trials, as vitamins cannot be patented.”

The same article later states, “Scientists at the University of Kansas say that, when given by injection, vitamin C is absorbed into the body, and can kill cancer cells without harming normal ones.”

Does this prove that Dr. Pauling was right and vitamin C injection will cure cancer? No, not even close. But it does prove something very important: Always keep an open mind, especially when something is very different than what you are used to or goes against what you currently believe.

The same goes for how you choose your doctors.

The best part about many modern healthcare professionals is that most are open-minded. Most understand that their way is not necessarily the only or the best way and all patients are different and have different wants and needs. With that mindset, they are able to work together with other healthcare professionals to achieve what’s best and wanted by you, the patient.

Watching your back,

Dr. Brent Binder

PS: You may not be aware that I recently wrote “The Herb & Mineral Handbook” that is being sold at local stores. Well, all patients of our practice can receive a free paperback copy just by coming in to the office. So the next time you stop by for a tune-up just mention that you’d like your free copy. Incidentally, there’s a neat section on vitamin C that I’d love for you to read.

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