A Little Secret About Walt Disney Most Do Not Know.

27 Jul

You are about to read a story about the legendary Walt Disney that holds one of the biggest secrets to living a happy life.

This story was told over a decade ago by the late Mike Vance to a group of about 1,000 people. These people were lucky because, if they really listened and paid attention, it would be darn near impossible to not improve their lives after hearing this story.

You might not know the name Mike Vance, but Mike worked side-by-side with Walt Disney for many years and was responsible for countless Disney breakthroughs.

One summer day in Los Angeles, Mike and Walt were scheduled to do some work but it happened to rain, which is pretty rare for a June day in Southern California.
So, instead of working, Mike and Walt went for a walk. Walt commented on the rain and how beautiful it looked as it balled up on the leaves of different plants. He mentioned how he loved the rain and missed it.
Then, Walt brought Mike into his house and they both peered out the window and looked at all the beauty around them. Walt turned to Mike and said, “Isn’t it wonderful that we can stand here, as adults, staring out the window, looking back at our lives and realize that all the dreams we had as children we have achieved as adults?”
There are several very powerful principles here. First, why did Walt see so much beauty in the rain and other common things others take for granted or actually complain about?

Wayne Dyer often says, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

This was one of Walt Disney’s biggest secrets. While most people were complaining about the rain that day, Walt was pointing out how wonderful it was, and even how he missed it.

Walt was living out his childhood dreams because he took action and went after them. He also saw the world differently. Perception is reality, and Walt’s perception was one of beauty and wonder.

So, what do you think about and how do you feel when it rains in your life?

There is always going to be rain, you cannot control that. What you can change is your reaction to it.


Dr. Brent Binder

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