Man With Only $1 In His Pocket Does The UNTHINKABLE!

4 Aug

Do you watch the news? If you do, it’s very easy have a pretty bleak picture of society because most of the stories you see and hear focus on the negative side of humanity.
Why? Well, one explanation is that news shows are only interested in one thing: ratings. Evidently, reporting about the ugly side of life in a tabloid-ish, sensationalized way gets a lot more ratings than stories about good people doing good things.
But, what if people are not as bad as is reported on the majority of the new programs? What if most people live peacefully together and actually go out of their way to help on another? What if most people are actually trustworthy and if given the opportunity, would do the right thing?
Here is a perfect example that you may not have heard about on the news…
Joe Cornell is 52 years old and in rehabilitation for drug addiction. One day at work, while watering trees across the street from the rehabilitation center, Joe heard a car honk. He looked up and saw that a car had pulled up next to an armored truck and was honking to get the truck driver’s attention.
Joe thought the driver of the car was trying to tell the driver of the truck that he had dropped something. So after they both pulled away, Joe walked down the street to see what was going in.
Joe immediately saw a large orange bag that he said was similar to the type Santa Claus would carry if it were red. That orange bag was filled with money. A lot of money. $125,000 to be exact!
$125,000 is a lot of money to just about anyone but it was probably even more to Joe who only had $1 in his pocket for lunch that day. This discovery could have gone a long way to helping Joe recover all the things addiction had taken from him.
While some people would have fantasized about how they were going to spend the money, Joe focused on doing the right thing. He said there was a brief moment when the devil was on his shoulder telling him to keep it but there was also an angel on his other shoulder asking him what his grandchildren would think decades later and what a poor example he would be if he kept money that was not his. Joe said no matter how he tried to rationalize it, keeping that money would be stealing.
So, Joe decided to turn the money in. All of it. It was not an easy decision for a man with only $1 in his pocket. But the real question is: WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE?
Seriously, if you found $125,000 and no one knew, would you turn it in like Joe did or would you keep it?
Before you answer, Joe is not alone. Not too long ago three college kids bought a couch at a thrift store for $20. When they got home, they found a plastic bag with $40,000 in it. They also found a deposit slip with the name of the 91-year-old woman who had previously owned the couch. The college kids found the elderly woman and returned the money.
You see, maybe there are a lot of good people out there doing wonderful things EVERY DAY you just don’t here about on the news. 

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