New Technology Can Mimic the Mantis Shrimp’s Eye!

17 Dec

According to Dr. Justin Marshall of the Queensland Brain Institute, “The camera that we’ve developed in close collaboration with [United States] and [United Kingdom] scientists shoots video and could provide immediate feedback on detecting cancer and monitoring the activity of exposed nerve cells.

“It converts the invisible messages into colours that our visual system is comfortable with.”

Dr. Marshall also added, “Nature has [developed] elegant and efficient design principles, so we are combining the mantis shrimp’s millions of years of evolution – nature’s engineering – with our relatively few years of work with the technology.”

The possibilities for this are almost endless and can be life-saving.  Theoretically, such cameras can be included in cell phones that could be used to scan the body and detect cancer.  It is well-known that surviving many forms of cancer is directly related to how early it’s detected and appropriate treatment is commenced.

This would be an extremely valuable early detection system that could save an unimaginable amount of lives.

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