Do You Want to Be Lucky? Here’s How…

2 Feb

Here is an old saying you have probably heard:  “It is better to be lucky than good.”

Many people agree with it because while being good may make you just a little better than average, being lucky can have a major impact on your life.

While some people do not believe in luck, most do.  Most believe that there is both good and bad luck, and most want all the good luck they can get.

How can you do that?

When you are dealing with something as unquantifiable and intangible as luck, it is impossible for anyone to say they have an exact formula, but here are some things you might want to consider…

There’s another saying, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”

Countless super-successful people believe that “idea.”  That may not make it true, but it does mean it should be looked into.

See, luck cannot be counted on or controlled but success through preparation can.

If you prepare correctly, you will drastically increase your odds of success.  Then, if luck strikes… good or bad… it is what it is.

If you prepare correctly and consistently throughout life, then you will achieve many more successes than failures, and more “good luck” than bad.

Robert Collier, the author of The Secret of the Ages, wrote, “Luck is a fickle jade that smiles most often on those who need her least.”

The Secret of the Ages was published back in 1926.  He may have been on to something.

Prepare for success without luck and luck will probably find you.

Dr. Binder

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