Man Walks 21 Miles Every Day to and from Work for 12 Years!

9 Apr

But What Happened Next Is the Best Part of the Story…

James Robertson is a 56-year-old man who ran into a little problem twelve years ago when his 1988 Honda Accord stopped working.  He lived 23 miles from the factory he worked at and could not afford another car.  For most people, this would be enough for them to quit, roll over, and play dead, but not James Robertson.

He decided to do whatever it took to get to work and “whatever it took” turned out to be quite shocking.

Every workday, Robertson would walk most of an astounding 21-mile round trip from home to work and back to home.

Here is another amazing fact about this:  Robertson made this journey every day for a $10.55 an hour job.  Since this is barely enough to pay for rent and food, he continued this for twelve years because he was unable to buy another car.

What does Robertson’s boss have to say about him?  “I set our attendance standard by this man,” says Todd Wilson, Plant Manager at Schain Mold & Engineering.  “I say, if this man can get here, walking all those miles through snow and rain, well I’ll tell you, I have people in Pontiac 10 minutes away and they say they can’t get here – bull!”

Wilson also said that Robertson comes in his office every morning to talk sports, and Wilson’s wife makes dinner for Robertson every night.

Here’s where the story gets good…  One day, a banker by the name of Blake Pollock saw Robertson making his daily journey and offered him a ride. The two traveled together for work for a few months until Pollock shared Robertson’s amazing story with the Free Press. Then, Robertson’s story went viral.  That’s when a 19-year-old college student, Evan Leedy, changed the 56-year-old factory worker’s life forever.

Leedy started a GoFundMe drive for Robertson that raised over $300,000 from 11,400 donors in just four days!  At the time of this writing, the campaign has raised over $350,000!  So much for living in a cruel world filled with people who only care about themselves!

But it gets even better…  A local car dealership, Suburban Ford of Sterling Heights, gave Robertson a fully loaded 2015 Ford Taurus.

According to USA Today, the dealership’s manager, Jim Elder, said getting his own employees to work on time is often difficult, and they live in the same town as the dealership.  Then there’s Robertson, who lives miles from work and hasn’t been late in a decade.

While Robertson’s dedication to his job and the work of Leedy and Pollock to help him could cause one to label them as heroes, so are the 11,400 people who donated money to a man they have never met.  Here is something to think about:  11,400 people donated to reach $300,000.  That means the average donation was just $26.32.  It’s amazing how a seemingly insignificant act and amount of money can have such a massive impact on someone’s life.

Just imagine what kind of impact we could make on the world if everyone gave just a little time, energy, or money to help someone they didn’t know each and every day!

We love helping our patients and their friends and relatives through their tough times and getting them feeling better! We are here to help you stay feeling better and looking younger!

Don’t be a stranger. You really can afford Chiropractic care! Don’t wait until you can no longer move!

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