Six Tips to Improve Your Mental and Emotional Well-Being!

9 Nov

Healthy living involves more than physical health, it also includes emotional or mental health.  The following are some ways people can support their mental health and well-being:

  • Get enough sleep daily: 12-18 hours from birth to 2 months; 14-15 hours from 3-11 months of age; 12-18 hours for 1-3 years of age; 11-13 hours for 3-5 years of age; 10-11 hours for 5-10 years of age; 8-1/2 -9-1/2 hours for 10-17 years of age; and those 18 and above need 7-9 hours of sleep.  Elderly people need about 7-9 hours but do not sleep as deeply and may awaken at night or wake early, so naps may be needed to accumulate the total of 7-9 hours needed.
  • Take a walk and reflect on what you see and hear at least several times each week.  Try something new and often (eat a new food or try a different route to work).
  • Exercise your mind by reading or solving a puzzle.  Try to focus intensely on the activity for one to several hours, then take a break and do something relaxing (walk, exercise, or take short nap).
  • Try to make some leisure time to do some things that interest you every week.
  • Have fun. Go on a trip with someone you love, go shopping, or go fishing. Do not let vacation time slip away.
  • Have a network of friends. Those with strong social support systems lead healthier lives.

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