These Foods Can Help Fight Carpal Tunnel Syndrome…

6 Dec

Because inflammation along the course of the median nerve can contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), consuming these inflammation-reducing foods may help the patient achieve their desired outcome.

Salmon and other fatty fish, including tuna and sardines, are rich in omega-3 fats called EPA and DHA, which help reduce inflammation. Supplements are commonly used as well with the recommended dose of 1000 mg of combined EPA and DHA per day, which often requires 2000-4000 mg of fish oil to get EPA and DHA to the proper 1000 mg/day level. If you take a blood thinner or are preparing for surgery, discuss this with your physician!

Walnuts are an excellent source of alpha-lipoic acid, or ALA, another omega-3 fatty acid that also reduces inflammation, though to a lesser extent compared to EPA and DHA. Other foods rich in ALA include flaxseed and chia seed.

Pineapple is rich in an enzyme called bromelain, which also reduces inflammation and aids in digestion! But again, it can thin the blood if taken in a higher concentration (from a supplement) so be aware of this.

Turmeric is another great anti-inflammatory that’s found in mustards and curry sauces. Its anti-inflammatory properties are further enhanced when combined with black pepper and ginger!

Spinach is rich in vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), which can help reduce pain.

The “good news” about getting these important benefits from whole foods rather than from supplements is that it’s virtually impossible to consume toxic levels of these nutrients. Your doctor of chiropractic can help guide you in both the nutritional management of CTS as well as the many benefits derived from manual therapies, modalities, night splints, specific exercises for CTS, ergonomic/work station modifications, and more. If diabetes, inflammatory arthritis, or other complicating conditions are present, your chiropractor can work with your medical physician to coordinate care to obtain the best results for you!


This information should not be substituted for medical or chiropractic advice. Any and all healthcare concerns, decisions, and actions must be done through the advice and counsel of a healthcare professional who is familiar with your updated medical history.

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