How This Homeless Man “Paid It Forward” and Cashed In BIG TIME!

29 Mar

Society seems to prefer rewarding people who do “bad” things. Reality shows are filled with “stars” who don’t exactly follow the golden rule. In fact, most people have a very hard time believing something like karma can exist. Well, if you don’t believe in karma, you might after reading this incredible story. At the very least, you will know there are still some wonderful people left in the world.

Here’s the story: Billy Ray Harris was 55 and homeless. He had a regular spot on the street where he put out a cup for donations.

Sarah Darling walked by Harris and wanted to help. She reached in her change purse and put a handful of change into his cup. It wasn’t much, but every bit helps…

Later that day, Harris got on his bike to leave and dumped the change into his hand, but there was not only change. There was something else. Something shiny. A ring.

Harris didn’t think much of it. It was probably some cheap costume jewelry. Knock-offs and fakes were all over the streets, but he wasn’t sure, so he took it to be appraised.

That’s when things changed, and changed fast. The appraiser took a look at the ring and immediately offered him $4,000.00 cash. Harris was broke and tempted, but his grandfather didn’t raise a crook.

So he kept the ring and went back to his regular spot on the street and waited. It wasn’t long before Sarah appeared and Harris presented her with the ring.

Sarah said it was a tremendous loss when she thought the ring was gone. She told Harris she was eternally grateful to him. She didn’t think in a million years she would ever see that ring again.

But that’s just the beginning of the story. What happened next is nothing short of incredible…

The story of Harris giving the ring back went viral, and he became an internet sensation. Supporters started donating money to help Harris find a house to live in. In no time, $175,000.00 had been raised!

It has been said that whatever you give comes back ten-fold. Well, Harris turned down $4,000 to do the right thing and it turned into $175,000.

But it gets even better… Harris was able to get back in touch with his family that he hadn’t seen in 16 years. His younger sister saw the story about him and was able to find out where he was. After they spoke on the phone for over 90 minutes, Harris’ sister told him he could live with her. He always had a place with her.

Since then, Harris has been in touch with his three other siblings and the nieces and nephews he didn’t know he had.

Harris is now working for a Jazz band and living with a member of the band while he acquires the proper identification to open a bank account.

Here is a final “twist” to the story… Sarah Darling’s husband, Bill, is the person who launched the donation page for Harris, and they have become friends. Bill often has dinner with Harris and is helping him with his identification paperwork and getting his life straightened out.

Harris is planning a family reunion in Texas in July.

So does karma exist? That’s for you to decide. But one thing is clear. There are still wonderful people left in the world.

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