You Can Enrich Your Life With Music, For A Second Or Third Time…

30 Mar

Mid-lifers often feel the need for “something new” in their lives. At age 55+, some buy a sports car, some move to another city, and some marry a person a few decades younger than them. But, putting music back into your life could be a more satisfying and less costly pursuit.

It doesn’t matter whether you had piano lessons at age nine or learned to play the guitar at age 20, revisiting music can bring remarkable benefits to you. If you’re like many others who tried it, going back to music now can be just the thing to make your sagging spirits joyful again.

You’ll need a teacher. You can find one at a music school, a community center, or a music store. You can try web-based programs, but an actual teacher may be a better fit for you. He or she will help you develop modern skills and pleasantly correct your mistakes.

Don’t attack the music. Slow down, not as in old age, but to ease the pace and help you focus. It’s good practice for your mind and a way to savor the sounds of the music. The scheduled and unscheduled practice time is not only good for your brain, as it reduces memory loss, but it’s good for keeping your fingers nimble and for reducing stress.

Don’t forget that the main reason to stay close to music, at any age, is to have fun!

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