Woman with Incurable Disease Blinks Over 1 Million Times to Write Her Book!

7 Dec

It’s everywhere you look.  “Life is hard.”  “Life is a grind.”  “Life is a struggle.”  “Mondays are brutal.”  “I barely made it through the day.”  And on… and on… and on.

Here’s something you need to know:  No, it’s not.  Life is not a never-ending, difficult struggle unless you think of it that way.  On the contrary, life can be a never-ending source of happiness and fulfillment — if you make the choice to see it through a different lens.

Here’s a great example…

According to an article published by Central European News Agency (CEN), Mrs. Gong Xunhui, of Chengdu, China, was diagnosed with ALS in 2003 and has needed the aid of a wheelchair since 2006.  With the help of her husband, Xunhui completed her 150,000-word book by blinking more than one million times to spell out phonetic sounds to form Chinese characters.

She writes, “I want to use my personal experience to tell other ALS patients that, although we suffer from this incurable disease, there is still much we can do to enrich our lives.”

Much of Xunhui’s book is about her struggles as a child dealing with her debilitating disease.  She published 5,000 copies of the book, and the Chinese government published another 1,800.  Xunhui’s goal is to make enough to buy six breathing machines to help other ALS sufferers.

It’s amazing how many people break down at the thought of another Monday while Xunhui was blinking her way to finishing her book and becoming a published author.

But she is not the only ALS success story.  Last month, we briefly discussed the story of Stephen Hawking. He is thought by many to be the best mind in physics who has ever lived, and all of Hawking’s most famous work came after he was diagnosed with ALS and confined to a wheelchair without the ability to speak.

In fact, when doctors diagnosed Hawking with ALS, he was just 21 and had started work on his PhD in physics. Even though he was given just two years to live, he didn’t call it a life and roll over and quit. Instead, when his doctor told him his disease would take away muscle control, he asked, “What about my brain?”

The doctor told him his brain would be fine but he would not have any way to communicate what he was thinking.

Hawking began working feverishly to get as much work done on his theories as possible.  He completed his PhD and wrote several books — A Brief History of Time being his most popular.

Hawking is now 73 years old and has been typing with the movement of a cheek muscle for quite some time.  (It looks like he beat the prognosis of two years.)

He once wrote the perfect advice for anyone who thinks they have it tough and thinks they are struggling… “However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at.  While there’s life, there is hope.”


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